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Children's shoes wholesale
Children's shoes wholesale
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Children's footwear wholesale

Of high-quality and durable one

There is a wide range of models of children's footwear on the market. There are significant differences between them, including in quality, which is why it is so important to carefully treat the chosen footwear. First of all, products designed for the smallest ones should be distinguished by increased durability. Kids are not as careful as adults, and pay less attention to taking care of their things. In addition, it is easier for them to stumble and accidentally fall, which can damage the design of the footwear. Therefore, models made of leather and eco-leather are best suited. If high-quality products appear in your store, be sure that parents will appreciate it and recommend it to friends and acquaintances.


Availability of sizes

In a children's footwear store, the absence of any size can not be allowed. The child's foot is characterized by significant growth in a short time, so footwear designed for babies need to be quickly replaced with a larger model. The optimal solution is to have the sizes of each offered model in stock, so you will demonstrate to customers that they can count on your assortment.


A variety of colors

Children are known for their love of colored objects. The larger the color palette, the more likely it is that the baby's parents will choose your store. Do not limit yourself in this matter — think about what shades may be missing in your assortment, which may be useful and stock up on them. Customers like to have a choice, so its limit will not have a positive impact on your business.


Children's footwear wholesale - is it worth using the wholesale offer?

When supplying the footwear store with goods, the main question arises — where to get it? The factors that play the main role are, of course, the availability of the product, the range of the assortment and the price. If you want to sell children's footwear by wholesale, consider contacting companies that allow you to make large orders. Such companies can offer you:

  • favorable prices — they are deprived of the margin that stores can impose, so buying goods from them may be the optimal financial solution. A wholesaler offers products directly from the manufacturer, so he/she can afford to reduce the prices that are valid on the market. Moreover, when ordering a large volume, he/she is open for negotiations and offers discounts.
  • fast delivery — дchildren's footwear is sent wholesale in the shortest possible time. The journey of the packed goods, as a rule, begins within 24 hours from the moment of placing the order. This pace guarantees effective filling of the deficit in your store when you need it.
  • a wide range — there is no place for limitation here. The purchase of footwear for the youngest in the warehouse gives you the opportunity to freely choose interesting colors, styles and ways of fixing. There are models for all seasons, made of different materials and with different properties. Wholesale companies offer a wide range of sizes of saleable goods, which makes them a great place to supply your footwear store.
  • flexible time for placing orders — the warehouse's website works around the clock, thanks to which it is the client who decides when to place an order, which makes it possible to calmly and deliberately form it. Careful product selection minimizes the risk of unnecessary waste of money. After placing an order, you only need to wait for the payment to be credited in order to immediately use the received product.


The high quality of our products and affordable prices allow the owners of footwear stores to easily expand their range. This is an easy way to increase your competitiveness in the market and increase your income. We follow the changing trends, so our products are always up-to-date. Grow together with us and create a unique offer of children's footwear that your customers will love.


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