Wholesale children shoes What you should know before buying
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Children's shoes wholesale
Children's shoes wholesale

Consumer rights

Rights of consumers

What you need to know before you buy

Wherever you buy an item or service in the EU, the trader must provide you with clear, correct and understandable information about the item or service before you buy.

This contract information should include:

Product Highlights

Total price including taxes and fees of all

Shipping costs (if applicable) - and any other additional costs

Arrangement of payment, delivery or execution

To trader 's identity, address and phone number

Duration of the contract (if applicable)

Some of this information may not need to be provided explicitly if this is clear from the context, such as the characteristics of the product that is displayed on the shelf in the store.

If you shop online, by phone, by mail order catalog, or from dealers, you must also provide the following details before you buy:

Trader 's email address

Any country-specific shipping restrictions

Right to cancel within 14 days

available after-sale services

mechanisms of settlement of disputes

Trader 's Sales Register Number

Trader 's professional title and VAT data (if applicable)

Professional association to which the trader belongs (if applicable).

For these purchases, you should keep in mind that you will not have to pay any shipping and other expenses that have not been informed in advance.

Contracts must be written in simple and understandable language and cannot contain unfair contract terms.

In some EU countries, the right to receive confirmation of your order, its cancellation and other legal requirements do not apply to end-to-end purchases worth less than 50 euros.

Purchase confirmation

When you have purchased something other than a real store - such as online, by phone or by catalog - you must receive written confirmation of your transaction. The confirmation must be on paper or in a long-term format, such as an email or message to your personal account on the trader 's website - provided you can keep it and that the trader cannot unilaterally change it.

Digital content

Specific information requirements apply when buying digital content on the Internet, such as downloading or streaming music or video. Before making a purchase, you should also be informed of how content works with the appropriate hardware/software (interoperability) and its functionality, including whether any geographic restrictions apply to content usage and whether private copies are allowed.


After-sales phone communication

Traders who provide after-sales phone lines for consumers should make sure that calls are paid at the base price. Traders are prohibited from requiring consumers to use premium telephone lines to request or complain about their purchase or contract.

Buying from non-EU internet traders

Your consumer rights under EU rules usually also apply to purchases from non-EU internet traders targeting consumers in the EU. However, you may have difficulty defending your rights from traders outside the EU.

Pricing and payments

UK decision to invoke TEU Article 50: additional information

When you buy goods or services in the EU, you should be clearly informed of the total price, including all taxes and extra charges.

For online purchases, you must clearly confirm - for example, by clicking a button - that you know that placing an order implies a payment obligation.

If you want to make an online payment of more than 30 euros, you will need to use a combination of at least two authentication elements, such as:

Something you have (such as your mobile phone or card reader) and something you know (PIN or password)

Something you have (a mobile phone or card reader) and something you have (your fingerprint)

Something you know (PIN or password) And something you are (your fingerprint)

This makes your payments safer and safer.

Surcharge Card Charges

Traders in the EU are not allowed to charge additional fees for using a credit or debit card. The only exceptions to this rule are American Express/Diners Club cards and business or corporate credit cards, where your employer is billed instead. If you use these cards, you may still be charged a fee, but this amount cannot exceed the amount that actually costs the trader to process your payment.

You should know that if you pay in EU currencies other than the euro, your provider may still charge a currency conversion fee when you use your card in another EU country.

Additional Services Fee

You must consent to any additional payment requested by the trader, such as express shipping, gift packaging or travel insurance.

Trader is not allowed to charge you for these services unless you have clearly chosen them. Using the pre-marked check box on the trader 's website does not imply consent, so you will be eligible to refund any payment that was received in this way.

Price discrimination

As an EU citizen (in this case, 28 EU member states Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway) or resident, you can 't pay a higher price when buying goods or services in the EU just because of your nationality or country of residence.

When you buy goods online in the EU, prices may vary from country to country or in different versions of the same site, for example due to differences in shipping costs. However, if you buy online without cross-border shipping - For example, when you buy something online that you intend to take away from a merchant or shop on your own - You should have access to the same prices and special offers as buyers living in this EU country, you cannot pay more or be deprived of the opportunity to buy anything just because you live in another country.

The same rules apply when buying services provided on a trader 's premises, such as when you buy entrance tickets to an amusement park, book a hotel, rent a car or when you buy electronic services (such as cloud services or hosting websites) You are entitled to access the same prices as local buyers.

Copyright protections such as movies, e-books, and music are often covered by various licensing agreements in different countries. So you can 't always have access to the same products at the same price in all EU countries.

VAT refund

If you come from outside the EU, you are entitled to VAT reimbursement for goods you bought during your stay in the EU, if the goods are presented to customs when shipped within 3 months of their purchase along with VAT reimbursement documents. They are usually prepared by the seller, although because the scheme is voluntary, not all sellers participate. Some countries set a minimum purchase price to qualify for a refund.

Buying online from another EU country

Special rules can be applied when buying goods from another EU country for delivery to your country of residence. If the company you buy from sells goods of a certain value to your country where the goods are delivered, it cannot charge VAT in the country where you made the purchase. Instead, they must apply VAT in the country where the item is delivered - destination VAT. The maximum sum for these cross-border sales is determined by each EU country of 35,000 euros or 100,000 euros. This means that most large online stores delivering within the EU will have to apply the destination VAT rule.

VAT for telecommunications, broadcasting and electronic services is levied in the country in which you live (the country in which you live, have a permanent address or usually live), not in the country where you purchase the service. These rules apply to services purchased both inside and outside the EU.